A Soldier's Play: A Guide

This annotated guide to Charles Fuller's "A Solder's Play" was created by EN302 students at Queensborough Community College, and it happens to offer far more engaging and exhaustive historical research than you will ever find on a site like enotes.

When World War 2 begun, most soldiers were equipped with bolt-action rifles. A 19th century technology, these rifles were powerful and very accurate weapons, effective to a long range of over half a mile, but since they required manual reloading after each shot, they were never suitable for combat situations which demanded a rapid rate of fire, and were therefore replaced during the war by newer weapons.

Sam Cooke “Chain Gang”

Linked Chain Gang, Photo By Andrew Holbrooke

 “Chained together in fetid bunkhouses, suffering malnutrition and exposed to rampant disease, these hapless charges suffered one of history’s most degrading punishments.” It should be noted that the vast majority of those on these chain gangs were African-Americans, often convicted for merely being black.

A description of Joe Louis early life as well as his professional boxing record.

A old banned cartoon disney made of hitler

It’s a PDF of a Soldier Handbook. Different chapters pertaining to different ways to conduct yourself in the Military. Chapter 3 is the chapter on how to behave and conduct yourself in the Military. It gives a complete lists of rules and courts that are within the Military. It also explains what happens if any rules are broken.

An Army pilot missing since 1944 has been identified

List of different army ranks and their duties

An article about one of the first African American new papers. Samuel Cornish and John B. Russwarm started the first African-American periodical, called Freedom’s Journal.